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  • 2005-2006中国互联网产业调查报告
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  • ben barren – rss’ing down under: The First Rule of Blog Network is Not to…
    BloggersBlog do a very funny wrap-up : "Martin Neumann recently shuttered his Blog Network Watch blog after just a week. He says he quit the blog because he thought he might want to join or start a blog network himself. "You can read the reasons over there but basically I’ve come to the conclusion that (maybe) I’d rather be a part of a network than writing about one – and damn it, you can’t do justice by doing both. I don’t want to be in a position of conflict-of-interest, and that’s exactly what I’d be in if one day I were to join a network and continue writing about them all. So it’s best to pull the pin right now. No matter what anyone says, individuals who continue to write about blog networks (usually with that bloggers critical eye) and also own or be a part of one have a serious conflict-of-interest, even if their intentions are A Okay. Sometimes, right or wrong, it’s the perception that matters over the reality." So, if you own a blog network, blog for a blog network or even if you are just thinking about joining a blog network remember Martin’s 1st Rule of Blog Networks."
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  • 蕃薯藤-HerCafe女人-私日記轉移公告
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  • cyworld賽我網進軍臺灣

    1999年成立的Cyworld初期會員數只有幾百萬人,自2003年被韓國最大電信集團SK Telecom併購之後,結合NATEON即時通訊軟體、NET.COM搜尋網站的服務,會員迅速達到1800萬人,占韓國人口3分之1,24至29歲的年輕人幾乎人人有Cyworld帳號。
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  • Study: Internet more popular than telly | News.blog | CNET News.com
    Men are the biggest Net users, averaging 172 minutes a day compared to 156 minutes a day for women. Shopping is one of the most popular online activities. And Londoners spend the most time and the most money on the Web, the story said.
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  • YouTube to reconsider review process for ‘objectionable’ clips | News.blog | CNET News.com
    YouTube is rethinking the way it decides whether material posted on the video-upload site violates its user agreement, according to reports.
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